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For more than a decade, Cairns Pavers has served the city of Cairns and other neighbouring suburbs, providing professional and high-quality paving materials, paver installations, and patio and driveway maintenance. Our services have been one of the most trusted in the area and we pride ourselves on our team of installers, designers, builders, and tradesmen who have built a reputation for quality. Since 2008, our company has built countless paved areas with precision, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. Amongst our guarantees, we strive to always provide the service that will not only exceed your expectations in terms of workmanship but will also be budget-friendly. We understand that style paving services can be a huge investment for some of us so we don’t stop in developing cost-cutting methods that will not compromise the longevity and overall quality of our output. 

Cairns Pavers also has a huge inventory of available paver and paving materials. Whatever the aesthetics you envision, we have them for you. Some of our available pavers include:

We stand by our reputation of only delivering outputs that will not only meet your expectations, but those that exceeds them. When it comes to the best pavers and style paving installations, you can always trust our expertise and our experience. Inquire today!

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At Cairns Pavers, we make sure that everything we produce is high-quality, budget-friendly, and long lasting. We understand how big of an investment these projects can be so we respect your needs at all cost.


Cairns Paving is always dedicated in providing honest and transparent assessment of each project as well as in instituting fair and trustworthy pricing policy that makes our services as accessible as possible.


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For more than a decade, our reputation as one of the best style paving services in Cairns can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to quality and professional workmanship.

We have the most complete inventory of high quality pavers and other materials in Cairns

Pavers have become one of the staple design elements of a modern home and structures. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to transform bland spaces into spectacular delights that you and your visitors can enjoy. For whatever your preferences are, there will always be a type and style of paving material that will be perfect for you. The most popular ones include marble, bricks, concrete, and sandstone. They owe their popularity to their ability to be used easily and beautifully as well as their relative affordability. Other pavers are also available, depending on your design, and they all have unique properties making them perfect for a particular design goal. 

Choosing the right paver to use is both a science and an art. There are several factors that you need to take note of to make sure that you choose the right paver for its intended function. For example, if you intend to pave a driveway, sturdier (but less decorative) materials like concrete and bricks could be perfect; while for patios, you can get away with thinner ones. Here are some of the considerations you need to make while choosing the perfect paver:

It has to be understood that how good the paver you use is only half of the story. The other half involves the proper way of installing them. Here are Cairns Pavers, our builders and installers have ample experience in installing pavers that are not only visually appealing but are also sturdy, tough, and long-lasting. Talk to our experts today to know more about the different options that we have available for you!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Paving Materials

Here at Cairns Pavers, we offer paving installations of high-quality pavers for your homes. We have a huge inventory of paving materials that you can choose from, with each presenting unique characteristics to help you achieve the dream space that you always wanted. See below for our most popular style paving materials.

brick pavement used by Cairns Pavers

If you think of the best pavers, one of the first things that you will think of are bricks. This top-of-mind recall is lent by the fact that they have grown to become one of the most popular style paving materials in the market. Bricks are awesome in a way that they are tough and hard that they can withstand constant pressure, making them perfect for driveways. On top of the bricks don’t easily lose its color, allowing it to be one of the most long-lasting material that you can choose.

concrete pavement used by Cairns Pavers

Another popular paving material is concrete pavers. It has to be understood that concrete pavers are different from plain poured concrete in the sense that they are pre-formed. Because of this, they are more long-lasting and tougher than poured concrete. They also come in different colors, shapes, and designs, giving you flexibility in terms of its use. However, one of the downside of concrete pavers is that the color doesn’t last long and they have the tendency to break under high temperatures.

flagstone tiles used by Cairns Pavers

Flagstones are beautiful, versatile, paving material that has become very popular in recent years. Because of the way that it naturally forms, it has a unique property that allows every piece to fit perfectly with each other. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, color patterns, and thickness. However, they are relatively thinner than bricks and concrete so they are more ideal for use in patio and pool decks than in driveways. 

travertine tiles used by Cairns Pavers

Much like flagstones, travertine pavers are also natural-forming paving materials. These sedimentary rock pavers form when they are subjected to extreme pressure and heat. Because of the way that it is formed, it has an awesome heat insulating property that makes it perfect for outdoor installations.

marble tiles used by Cairns Pavers

Marble is one of the most luxurious amongst the different paving materials in the market. It is so beautiful that for many years, it has been used to decorate a lot of luxury buildings like hotels and what nots. It’s also a naturally occurring mineral and because of the luxury that is associated with it, marbles tend to be more expensive than others.

cobblestone used by Cairns Pavers

When you see a cobblestone, most probably it is made out of granite. However, do you know that some cobblestones are also made out of different materials? Limestones, sandstones, and basalt can also be used to manufacture cobblestones. Because of this variety, they offer a unique aesthetic that will transform your space instantly!

Our Focus

We’re the best choice for paver installation in and around the surrounding areas of North Queensland! Whether it’s timber, concrete brick or stone paving we have a solution to fit your needs. You’ll find our expert approach refreshing and know that you’ve made the right decision when choosing Pavers Cairns as your next landscape project partner.

Our aim is to provide you with the widest range of materials and design options when it comes to constructing your retaining wall. Our team will happily discuss our wide selection, as well as some paving landscaping styles that would be best suited for a given project.

Pavers Cairns prides itself on only using the highest quality materials to construct our retaining walls. Our durable and long-lasting products are resistant to termites or other agents that could cause deterioration. Our pavers can withstand both environmental conditions as well as resist any threats of degradation from pests such as termites, ensuring a strong product for years to come!

Our Promise

We have the skill and determination to make your idea come alive! Our pvers can be shaped according to your land, with a design for any situation. We will take all of those ideas swirling around in that noggin’ of yours and bring them out into reality as if they were our own. Let us know what you need from an experienced team who knows how it’s done so we can get started on making your dreams become a reality today.

Driveway Paving Cairns

Driveways are something that most of us take for granted, but as time goes on and styles change, they can become dated. Boring concrete driveways have been around since the 1940s when a man named Thomas Edison invented tar-covered gravel to use in residential paving projects; however now there’s so much more out there! Pavers or stone surfaces are one option if you want to completely reinvent your driveway with some creativity. However before just ripping up what’s already down at home it might be worth considering whether installing new is necessary — maybe all you need is simply replacing old cement?

Pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. One type is brick which can be used for many different purposes including patios or driveways. Brick pavers are one of the most common because they have excellent drainage so that homes don’t get flooded when there’s high water such as hurricanes; it also prevents weeds from growing since bricks keep moisture away by being porous and frost doesn’t form on them during winter months like other materials might due to their sealed surfaces.

Brick pavers are one of the most common materials for a driveway. They have many different designs and colours to choose from, depending on your preferences. Brick is more expensive than other paver types but has good drainage which protects against flooding caused by high water situations such as hurricanes – brick also lasts longer with less maintenance because it keeps weeds out due to its porous surface that helps keep moisture away and prevents cracking over time caused by freezing temperatures during winter months when frost forms below unpaved bricks without being sealed.

drivement pavement by Cairns Pavers
elevated outdoor pavement by Cairns Pavers

Outdoor Paving Cairns

Build your own outdoor living space with an attractive and functional paver patio from our experts! Whether you want something that will last for years or one with more variety of textures and colours, we can help design the perfect addition to make sure it’s a great fit. There are so many fun things about building outdoors–why not enjoy some time this year by adding on a new custom-designed outdoor area?

With the many styles of pavers in today’s market, there is an option for everyone. Some people want a traditional finish that looks like old-world construction techniques and some desire rustic tumbled paver with worn edges to give off more natural stone aesthetics. Whatever your preference maybe when it comes to texture, you are sure to find a perfect fit! When crafting what your project needs to look like or which paving landscaping style would best match its surrounding areas, one has endless possibilities when choosing from different types of textures that come in all sorts of finishes-traditional appearances similar to those seen on older constructions sites or rugged surfaces design specifically for something resembling nature itself.

Once you know what kind of texture speaks best to your paving landscaping style preferences, think about if this particular job will require hiring someone else. If major projects such as pools come into play, then it’s a good idea to have that conversation with the contractors upfront so there are no surprises later on down the line.

Pool Paving Cairns

A pool is a great place to have fun and sun, but it can also be decorated with stunning detail. The decking of your pool should reflect the personality that you want for your space — why not make this more interesting by using pavers? You could create an artistic design or use all one colour, such as black; either way will add something special to the environment.

The options when designing a swimming area seem endless! If natural stone isn’t quite right for what you’re looking for, then try adding some zest: choose custom paving stones instead. Depending on their size and shape they offer plenty of different possibilities like laying out patterns in varied colours or setting them up randomly so every step feels unique!

Pavers are the most durable material that can be used to deck a pool. They have no fading, they will not splinter or crack like wood and natural stone, even brick is less resilient when it comes to cracking because of how brittle bricks tend to become over time as well as their inherent weakness against moisture. This company also offers lifetime warranty on all its products which means you do not need any worries about your investment being in jeopardy with exposure to harsh elements such as sun damage from UV rays or chemicals for chlorine pools.

Wet feet are a common hazard in the pool. Slippery tile and natural stone surfaces can result from water spillages, floods or just drips after washing dishes at your sink. But with pavers you’ll have peace of mind that no matter how wet their surface gets they won’t be as slippery!

Pavers come in many colors and styles to suit all homeowners’ tastes, whether they’re looking for a classic natural stone or something more modern with bolder color choices! And by choosing pavers as your hardscape choice you can create cohesive designs that blend well together but also provide variety within the same piece – be it retaining walls or pool decks.

pool tiles paved by Cairns Pavers


Paving landscaping projects can vary in costs. There are those that are cheaper than others. Things like area to be paved, the materials used to pave the area, as well as the necessary preparations that needed to be done before the paving process can affect the price that you need to pay. Talk to one of our experts today so they can provide you a more accurate cost estimate for your upcoming paving project.

Each type of paver serve a specific purpose. Thus, depending on your budget and your intended purpose, the best paver is very subjective. However, for a driveway, concrete and bricks are more popular because they are relatively cheaper and they are sturdy enough to withstand the constant pressure. 

There are several factors that affect the duration of a paving projects. A more straightforward project that does not need a lot of preparatory work can take between a few days to a few weeks. Some may last longer than that. Our gracious experts can help you build a realistic timeline for your specific project. Call us today to inquire.

Yes, when you contact us we put the hard work on them so that it’s easy for you! Our pros do all the heavy lifting and give homeowners with estimates free of charge- saving time & money in one go from start to finish.

We understand that some of our residential customers have a need for contractor services, but we do not service this sector. We specialize in commercial and industrial work which is outside the scope of what most homeowners require. By doing so, we are able to focus on maximizing productivity by purchasing necessary equipment tailored towards these projects.

There are many areas that distinguish good contractors from bad ones, but one of the most important is how well they plan out each stage and minimize business disruption. We work with you to develop a schedule so your company can continue operating as we do our job while also minimizing safety risks for everyone on site. Furthermore, we have crews who work quickly and efficiently which allows us to complete projects in less time than expected!