Can Pavers be Painted?

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If you are looking for strategies to upgrade your hardscape areas such as driveways, walkways, and patios, you may have considered pavers as a surface finish. With their durability, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal, pavers are indeed a promising option for many. Its popularity has been skyrocketing, and many property owners in Cairns are choosing it for their outdoor spaces. However, through time it can also become faded and worn out because of exposure to the elements. 

Are your concrete or brick pavers starting to look old? Is there a way for you to save it and make it look brand new? Can pavers be painted? If you wish to give your pavers a splash of colour for a new aesthetic, read on and discover how. 

Steps on How to Paint Pavers

Painting pavers is not impossible. In fact, it is a popular DIY project for those who want to give their concrete or brick pavers a new look. Although pavers are meant to last, sometimes you may want to change their visual appeal. If you prefer to try to mix and match colours for your pavers, here’s how:

  1. Before you start with the painting job, it is essential to keep your working area clean. Sweep away the dirt or debris in your pavers’ surface and pull the weeds growing between them.
  2. If you prefer to deep clean your pavers’ surface, you can try using soapy water and scrub the surface with a stiff broom. Afterwards, rinse it off with a hose and let it dry.
  3. Get a concrete primer and spray or roll it on the surface until it is fully coated.
  4. If the primer is dry, you can directly apply a layer of your preferred acrylic cement paint. It is advised to let it dry for a day. If you still want to coat it more, you can apply a second coat of paint.
  5. After the paint has completely cured, you can apply at least two layers of concrete sealant. The sealant will help the paint to stay longer, so it is recommended to do this step.

Alternatives to Painting Pavers

Painting your pavers’ surface is advantageous in some ways, especially if you really want a fresh look. However, there can also be a compromise in the pavers’ structural integrity, appeal, and durability. Paint can cover the surface of the pavers, so it can also trap moisture inside. If you decided to find alternatives on how you can give your pavers a new life, try these:

Cleaning and Sealing
Sometimes, we may not have the time to properly maintain our hardscape areas. As a result, it can look old. However, most of the time, pavers may look dull because they are covered with layers of dust, dirt, and weeds. With deep cleaning, you may be able to discover that your pavers still look as good as new. It is also advised to have the spaces between pavers be appropriately sealed so that they can last longer.

Paver Staining
If you really prefer to change your pavers’ look, staining them can be a good alternative. It creates a fresh and natural look. Besides that, it doesn’t cover the pavers’ surface, and it will not peel off, unlike paint.


Paver is a surface finish that comes in unique patterns and designs that enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor spaces, not to mention its various functionalities that help increase your property’s value. Although it is very durable, pavers still require some maintenance to keep it at its best look. Painting is just an option that you can easily do by yourself, but if you want, you can always consult the professionals in the field to give you other choices on how you can spruce up your hardscape areas.

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