Alternative Design Ideas for Pavers

A variety of different features can be added to your outdoor space to enhance it’s visual appeal or provide something convenient for your landscape. One versatile material that you will want to consider for your landscape is pavers. Whether it be a paver patio or a paver overlay, pavers provide a number of options for your outdoor space. If you are looking to do something different with any pavers you may have, there are also alternative designs that you can go for as well.

Design Ideas for Pavers

Depending on what you are looking for, whether it be something bold, subtle, or even something useful, pavers can deliver many different looks. Some ideas that you can choose from include the following:

Creating a Pathway

One of the simpler design ideas that you can choose to have done with pavers is to create a pathway on your landscape. It works best with larger properties and can create natural movement throughout your entire outdoor space. You can also work with different sizes and paver types to create the path and if there are any gaps, it can be filled with inexpensive materials like mulch to further create a natural look for the landscape.

Craft Planters/Pot Holders for Your Garden

You generally find pavers applied as a form of flooring or other type of feature on a structure. However, you’ll find that pavers also offer the option of being used for a craft. To help save on costs and add more style to your garden, you can turn your pavers into a planter or pot holder with inexpensive materials. Aside from providing more of a natural look, these crafts can also help in presenting a cleaner presentation for your plants.

Play with Different Shapes

Pavers are often presented with a symmetrical placement but this does not mean that the material does not provide other options for shapes and sizes. By applying different shapes and sizes on your landscape with a strategic placement, you can present a new and unique visual feature for your outdoor space especially as a pathway.

Arrange in a Circular Pattern

Aside from alternative ideas in using pavers, a different design you can have done with pavers would be a circular pattern in order to create flooring for an outdoor space. One way you can have the pavers patterned would be with a mix of neutral colors paired with a second type of paver that defines the area outside of the space you intend to make. You can also go for a pseudo courtyard look or have the pattern bring focus to a focal point like a fountain, fire pit or statue.

Have it Surround the Pool

As a material that is generally versatile and durable against different elements, you have the option to have pavers surround your pool as an accent of the area and end with a sleek, modern statement along with an extra safety measure for your pool space. Whatever material, size, or shape you choose to have for your paver to border the pool area, there are different ways you can make it an additional visual appeal.

Why Consider Cairns Pavers To Help With Paver Designs

Aside from what has been noted so far, there are many other alternative paver design ideas including having them for a floor accent, creating structures with them, or even something like a random placement for a unique aesthetic. Whatever project you may be interested in doing with pavers, having a professional service group can help ease any process.

From the different services you can choose from, you will want to consider Cairns Pavers. With Cairns Pavers, you can be assured of budget-friendly options while any paver needs are met by reliable professionals. Whether you are unsure or not on what design interests you, Cairns Pavers can help clear things for you.


As a versatile material for your outdoor space, pavers can provide a lot of options in terms of design. If you are looking to do something different with your paver though, some design ideas include creating planters or even have it surround the pool. With a range of different and unique designs that can be done, there are different ways to meet different aesthetics with your pavers.

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