Why Seal Your Pavers

Pavers can make for a convenient material to have for your outdoor space, especially concrete types. In addition, you’ll find a variety of design options to choose from when selecting a paver for your outdoor space. Whatever paver you may choose though and while durable, there is a chance of damage when not maintained properly. Because of this, it is often advised by professionals to have your pavers sealed.

Why Consider Sealing

Sealing your pavers can provide a protective measure for your pavers. As a porous material, it can absorb liquids. While it may not be an issue for liquids like water, substances like oil, hard water, rusty water, grease, and so on can end up being a real issue. Once any of those liquids penetrate the pavers, they will cause a very hard and often impossible to remove stain.

When you have your pavers sealed, it will create a film that will also protect its surface, making it easy to clean. More than what has been noted, sealing a paver can provide the following:

Enhanced Colors and Improved Appearance

A sealer can work like a varnish that other types of sealers provide to a wooden surface and deliver what is normally called a wet-look. It can also draw out the colors and contrasts found in the concrete pavers and create greater visual interest. Depending on what type of paver and sealer is used, there are different ways that sealers can enhance the visual appeal of your pavers.

Joint Stabilization

When a paver is initially installed without a sealer, its joints are filled with sand so that they don’t move and all the load they bear is properly distributed. The problem with this is that over time, that sand can end up blown away by reoccurring wind and the rain, and has to be refilled. If not, shifting or settling can happen. With sealers, it can stabilize and harden the joint sand in between the pavers, which prevents displacement from wind, rain, and insects that can cause pavers to sink or shift.

Protection From Fading

Though a paver, especially concrete pavers, can stand well against different weather elements, the colored pigments in the pavers can slowly fade over time, due to the UV ray exposure. A film-forming sealer can stop this from happening and help to keep the paver’s colors vibrant even in bright sunlight.

Aside from these, you can also be assured that sealing your pavers can downsize the growth of weeds and protect against any accumulating dirt. However, along with different positives, you’ll find that there are also pitfalls to sealing your pavers.

The Downsides of Sealing Pavers

The first thing to understand when choosing to seal your pavers is that it can make for a costly endeavor. From the materials to the overall budget that comes with the project, there are different costs that you will have to note, especially when the time comes for a need of resealing the material. On the note of resealing, there is also the maintenance of the sealed pavers to note.

Depending on what type of sealers and pavers have been used, there are different long term effects. For example, thinner sealants can develop a film over time as the product starts to break down. Overall, there may be increased costs and need for maintenance of your pavers when it comes to sealing.

Aside from this, you’ll find that your landscape can end up affected by the process as a sealant overspray can cause harm to the greenery. However in comparison, with the right protective measures, this can be avoided.

How Cairns Pavers Can Help

There are number of different benefits that go with sealing your pavers and while you may have the option to do the sealing yourself, having a professional service group to assist can help ensure a full coverage.What’s more, you can be assured of Cairns Pavers offering budget friendly options to meet all sealing needs. If you are still unsure if ealing pavers is the best option for you, then having a professional service like Cairns Pavers can help clear things with different paver options.


Pavers can make for a convenient and versatile material for your outdoor space. However, while durable, it can still face issues like stains and fading from heavy UV rays. To help prevent these kinds of issues, a recommendation would be to seal the pavers. Sealing pavers can provide different benefits like bringing joint stabilization and enhancing the pavers appearance. While costly, sealing pavers can make for an investment in maintaining your landscape in the long run.

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