Which is Better: Pavers or Concrete?


For those who want to upscale their driveways, pathways, or other hardscape areas, you may have thought long and hard about what materials to utilize. There are various options in the market. However, it points back to these two materials: pavers and concrete. While they are both considered a great choice, they have different advantages and functionalities worth considering. 

If you are still undecided about what materials to use for your outdoor spaces, check out this article to assist you in figuring out whether pavers or concrete is the better choice for your property in Cairns.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing Between Pavers and Concrete


Pavers have a higher upfront cost when it comes to materials and installation. Approximately paving stones cost around $9 to $14 per square foot. However, if you consider it a long-term investment, pavers are a cost-effective option because they can last longer.

Compared to other materials, concrete is undoubtedly one of the cheapest options both in materials and installation. It can cost around $7 to $10 per square foot on an average estimate. For those who have a limited budget on hand, concrete can be a great option. However, in the long run, concrete may cost more because of repairs and replacements.


Although pavers are less prone to cracking due to ground movement and weather conditions, substantial impacts may cause them to break. If this happens, you just have to replace the damaged pavers. You also have to watch out for weed growth with pavers, so maintaining it through pulling weeds and applying weed killer might be done regularly.

When you choose concrete, you will just have to handle minimal maintenance. To avoid issues caused by staining, you can apply a protective sealant to it. However, if there are cracks on the concrete, you may have to patch it up immediately so that it can’t lead to a total fallout. However, if most of it is damaged, you will have to replace the whole slab.


This material is designed to handle ground movement and harsh weather conditions. Besides that, its joints can also help in water drainage so cracking due to moisture absorption is not a problem. With its strength, it can handle heavier weights than concrete.

Concrete is a long-lasting and durable material. However, a common problem you may have to deal with is cracking. Moisture and extreme temperatures can greatly affect concrete to expand and contract, which causes it to break. If there are a lot of cracks in the concrete, you may have to replace the whole slab.


Installing pavers is a bit complicated, and it takes longer to have it completed. The good point with installing pavers is that you can immediately use them once the process is done.

Concrete is easier to install and is less labour-intensive compared to pavers. You will have to excavate, grade, prepare the foundation, set forms, and pour the concrete. However, you have to wait for the concrete to dry and cure before you can use it.


No matter what you have decided to use, always remember to consider your priorities when choosing the right material. The factors that we discussed above can greatly help you determine which will work best with your situation. To learn more about other options or ideas regarding how you can upgrade your hardscape areas, you can always consult the experts in the field to provide you with reliable suggestions that can help you achieve the plan you have in mind. 

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